Instrument Rating Course

This program will allow you to efficiently become a safe Instrument pilot who will be able to get the most utility and enjoyment out of your Cirrus and its advanced systems.

The instrument rating is a three stage course:
Stage 1: Basic attitude instrument flying (BAI)
Stage 2: Instrument flight rules (IFR) cross country
Stage 3: IFR approach procedures

The first stage of the instrument rating is basic attitude instrument flying (BAI). You will learn to fly straight and level, perform standard rate turns, constant speed climbs and descents, and numerous other maneuvers all by reference to instruments.

The second stage of instrument flying is where you will learn about the IFR en-route structure and instrument approaches. You will plan and fly IFR cross countries using GPS and VOR navigation. You will fly along airways, in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, learn the IFR functions of your avionics, become able to file IFR flight plans, copy clearances, interpret weather, and fly safely in the system. We like to take our students on real cross countries that encompass several states and travel through various airspace and weather systems to get as much practical experience as possible. We are also now teaching the capabilities of WAAS and the new Cirrus Perspective equipped aircraft and will ensure you have total proficiency with it.

The third stage is where you will become more proficient at flying IFR approaches and prepare for the check ride. The training during this stage will build upon and incorporate missed approach procedures, holds, and circle-to-land approaches. This stage is completed when you pass your IFR check ride and are an instrument rated pilot.